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The first meeting of the Commission of Inquiry for "April 25" will be held tomorrow and will be chaired by Alibeaj

The first meeting of the Commission of Inquiry for "April 25" will be
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Tomorrow will be the first meeting of the Commission of Inquiry for the 25 April elections - which was proposed by the Democratic Party and approved in the last plenary session.

It is learned that the meeting will take place at 15:00 and will be chaired by the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party Enkelejd Alibeaj.


Declaration of the constitution of the Commission of Inquiry and presentation of its members.

Declaration of the purpose of setting up the Commission.

Defining the tasks of the Commission.

Review and approval of the Rules of Procedure of the Investigation Commission.

Election of the Secretary of the Commission.

Evaluation of preliminary data, which constitute a preliminary investigation plan and declaration of opening of the investigation.

Determining the next meeting of the Commission.

The commission consists of 15 members, who are:

Enkelejd Alibeaj Chairman                           

Toni Gogu Vice President           

Klotilda Bushka member                                    

Blerina Gjylameti member                                   

Aurora Mara member                                   

Klevis Xhoxhi member                                             

Nasip Naço member                                              

Petro Koçi member                                             

Bardhyl Kollçaku member                                             

Gazmend Bardhi member                                     

Oerd Bylykbashi member                                             

Ferdinand Xhaferraj member                                     

Ervin Salianji member                                     

Kreshnik Çollaku member                                               

Petrit Vasili member                                    

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