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"Mirror": David Cameron wasted £60,000 from taxpayers for an 89-minute visit to Albania

"Mirror": David Cameron wasted £60,000 from taxpayers for an

David Cameron squandered around £60,000 hiring a luxury private jet to fly to Albania for a visit that lasted just 89 minutes after he was forced to return to London.

This is what "Mirror" writes referring to Cameron's visit to Tirana.

"In what could be his last humiliation as Foreign Secretary, Lord had to visit Tirana, where he would be given a grand reception - with trade union flags lining the streets ," writes the British media.

It goes on to add that the plane - an Embraer Legacy 600 leased from Maltese firm Vistajet - was on the ground for just 89 minutes before being called to an emergency cabinet meeting.

Emily Thornberry, Labour's Shadow Attorney-General said: “This sums up so much of what is wrong with this government: the grotesque waste of taxpayers' money spent on chartering yet another luxury private jet; the unbelievable chaos of rushing back to London after less than two hours in Albania; and the sheer arrogance of treating an important NATO ally with such disrespect.”

Taxpayers will pay a staggering £8,600 an hour to charter the luxury jet, which features plush leather seats for up to thirteen passengers - or flat beds for five - onboard Wi-Fi, a blue- ray and a galley fully equipped with oven, microwave and coffee maker.

Cameron was already under fire for chartering an even more luxurious jet for a five-day tour of Central Asia last month.

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