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Mitaj: The atmosphere in the team is very good, all the focus is on the match with Croatia

Mitaj: The atmosphere in the team is very good, all the focus is on the match

The Albanian national team is preparing for the second match in the European Championship against Croatia, as defender Mario Mitaj came from the base camp in Kaiserau to Kamen in a press conference.

The red and black footballer responded to the interest of the journalists and emphasized that the atmosphere in the team after the match with Italy is very good. Mitaj said that now all the focus is on the match with Croatia, where they have started preparations for the meeting that will be played on June 19 at the Hamburg stadium, at 15:00.

Who can be the Albanian hero against Croatia? -  I believe that in general all of us can fight to play as well as possible with the National Team. We have players like Broja with his qualities and Asani with his shots. Let's play as well as possible and take the National Team as high as possible. All players, but I think Broja can be the player who can do damage.

Next opponent Croatia, do you think we can get points? -  We have forgotten the match with Italy and the boredom they had from that match. Now we are preparing as much as possible, we are analyzing the opponent. We will enter the field with the same personality. I hope we play better and get points.

Emotions on the field? -  I have no emotions when I enter the field, I try to enjoy it. Especially when we play in front of nearly 60,000 Albanian fans. I had only good emotions, no stress or negative emotions.

Opponents of the group? -  In a match, you always have to make a mistake because they also make the result. We do not underestimate the opposition, as everyone has said it is the group of death. Croatia can also take the first place. To prepare, analyze the opponent and give the best on the field to get a good result.

Could the advantage over Italy have been better managed?  - In the second half, my teammates provided me with more passes. In the first half I touched the ball a little. I am a player who likes to keep the ball at my feet to create chances with my passes. I believe that was the problem that I didn't get the ball much.

The future in Serie A? -  Right now I'm not thinking about the future, I'm only thinking about the national team and the two games we have left.

The match with Italy? -  Everyone was surprised that the goal was scored very quickly and we got a little excited and went back to defense. Normally, when you play against an opponent like Italy, you find space and score a goal.

What do you think we need to improve in the match against Croatia? -  The coach didn't talk to us a lot, he told us that we performed well. What we need to improve are the set pieces even though we have worked hard.

The first goal in the match with Italy? –  It may be my fault and Sefer's fault. All as a team the player's crossing should have been done, it's something we need to improve in training.

Fans, do you expect the same support in Hamburg?  - I believe that they will strongly support us against Croatia as well, but it depends on them.

Qualification opportunities? -  We are preparing and have analyzed Croatia well. We want to get on the field and play our football. Now we are only interested in Croatia and if we get the best results and then see the match with Spain.

Fan criticism? -  It is not nice to criticize a player who has given so much for the National Team. Hysaj has given his soul for the National Team, it is not such a beautiful thing. Each person makes his own criticism.

Have you discussed with the coach about the match with Croatia? -   We know the qualities that Croatia has and how strong it is as a team. Today is training that we will all be together, yesterday was more recovery training. Today we will analyze them more tactically and how we will enter the field. Today is the day we will prepare for Croatia. Croatia has all the departments strong, I believe that the defense has the strongest point.

The atmosphere in the team?  - The atmosphere in the team does not change, it is very good. We are a very harmonious team, the whole of Albania has seen this, we will continue like this. We are in Europe and after all we have to enjoy it.

Did the psychological burden affect Italy?  - We respected the opponent a lot. We wanted to get something more. I hope we enter the field with better psychology against Croatia, and get something more. I don't think the psychological load played much of a role, they were just better than us and won the game.

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