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The "brave" doctor threatens the patient at the Durrës hospital: Take off your shirt, shall we go outside?

The "brave" doctor threatens the patient at the Durrës hospital:

The economy is sooty, the police is sooty and medicine is even sooty. "Become your own doctors", people once said. And now these words apply the most.

A scandal recently happened at the Regional Hospital of Durrës, where a patient who had been waiting for a scan for about 4 hours was seriously threatened by the doctor as usual.

The doctor, who identifies himself as Erzen Dobi, threatens the patient by asking him if he wants to take off his shirt and go outside to be beaten.

 But what makes you even more hopeless when you face such events is that the person in question is a firefighter who felt unwell during work hours and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

What if he was an ordinary citizen? Maybe the "brave" doctor would not even have gone to see him.

According to the witnesses, the firefighter was left for about 4 hours without being scanned, even though he had a card signed by a neurologist, but the doctors confused him and in the end did not scan him at all, writes JOQ as he published the video.

Pershendetje JOQ! Shikoni si trajtohet nje zjarrfikes ne detyre nga spitali ne Durres. Para nje ore. Kishte 4 ore qe priste nje zjarrfikes per nje skaner... Kishte kartelen te firmosur nga mjeku neurolog por keta te grafise e sorollaten dhe ne fund nuk ja bene..... Zjarrfikesin e mori ambulanca mbasdite ne stacion se kishte dhimbje dhe e lane 4 ore pa kujdes. Kur me ne me uniforme dhe ne detyre sillen keshtu po me nje qytetar te thjeshte? Faleminderit”, ka shkruaj qytetari.

 Kjo është fytyra e mjekëve të Ogerta Manastirliut. Pavarësisht se “Rilindja” e Edi Ramës ka ardhur në pushtet duke premtuar “shëndetësi” falas, sot pas 10 vitesh qeverisje jo vetëm qe nuk ka shëndetësi falas, po as “shikim me lekë” nuk ka.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, in her media appearances with her mouth full of pride, says that she has invested in order to have complete and genuine health.


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