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20 security cameras in Lushnje and Fier installed by criminal groups are dismantled

20 security cameras in Lushnje and Fier installed by criminal groups are

The seventh phase of this nationwide operational plan is finalized in Fier and Lushnja. During this phase, the Police dismantled 20 cameras installed in violation of the law in the city of Fier and Lushnja. In the investigation for unjust interference in private life, 5 citizens, of these, 2 citizens in Fier and 3 citizens in Lushnja, who had installed these cameras, illegally.

The investigative structures of DVP Fier, in cooperation with the police stations subordinate to it, in implementation of the tasks defined within the nationwide operational plan coded "Fijet", initiated by the General Directorate of the State Police, as well as with the support of information intelligence, for the unauthorized placement of some cameras, specifically in some neighborhoods of the cities of Fier and Lushnjë, in order to provide information, for criminal purposes, as well as to monitor the movements of the Police, have organized the work for the identification and dismantling of these cameras, identification of their owners, as well as for full legal documentation of the purpose of use.

-During the seventh phase of this operational plan, in Fier, in the "8 Shkurti" and "Liri" neighborhoods, 5 cameras were dismantled, and the citizens AB and K. K are under investigation.

- The operational plan continued in Lushnja, where 15 cameras located in the neighborhoods "18 Tetori" and "Loni Dhamo" were dismantled and seized.
Following the procedural actions for these cases, the citizens of KT, ST and KA are under investigation. The materials were passed to the prosecutor's offices of the judicial districts of Fier and Lushnjë, for further actions.

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