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Unstable and rainy weather, what will the temperatures be like today

Unstable and rainy weather, what will the temperatures be like today

On Friday our country is predicted to be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions thanks to the influence of cyclonic circulation, the periphery of low atmospheric pressure positioned over the Mediterranean Sea and moist air masses.

The weather is expected to be alternating between moderate clouds and clear skies in the early hours of the day. Then the addition of clouds and occasional alternation of clear skies.

Starting from noon, low intensity rain is expected in most of the territory.

From the evening hours, the rains, mainly in the south, are expected to be moderate in intensity in the form of short-term thunderstorms. Then the rains lose territory and intensity, they are expected to be isolated in the mountainous reliefs in the south of the country.

In the south, at altitudes above 800-1000m, snowfalls with low and locally average intensity are expected.

The wind will blow in a north-northeast direction with an average speed of 2-8 m/sec, while along the coastline and mainly in the southern coast and the valley in the afternoon the wind becomes strong from time to time and gains a speed of 10-15 m/sec , accompanied by waves in seas of force 2-3 force.

Temperatures are forecast:           

- in mountainous areas 2 to 14°C

- in low areas 8 to 18°C

- in coastal areas 8 to 20°C

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