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Former Italian Prime Minister Muere Ciriaco de Mita dies

Former Italian Prime Minister Muere Ciriaco de Mita dies

Former Prime Minister Luigi Ciriaco de Mita, the historic leader of the Italian Christian Democrats (DC), has passed away today at the age of 94 in a nursing home in Avellino.

In Avellino, the former Italian prime minister was being treated for a femoral fracture he suffered after a fall at his home.

De Mita, who was in charge of the mighty DC during the 1980s when he was also elected prime minister, was currently mayor of his hometown, Nusco, in the southern region of Campania, where he was elected for a term of office. second.

His death, announced by Deputy Mayor Walter Vigilante, occurred at 7:00 a.m. as his health condition had deteriorated in recent days after he underwent ischemia last April.

De Mita (1928-2022) was "the protagonist of the Italian parliamentary and political life of the Christian Democrat left, he was fully involved in local institutions", said today the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, after recalling his long political career, as he sent his family the condolences of the Government.

From a modest family, he graduated in Law and joined DC at a very young age, where he was a follower of the left wing of the party and was elected MP in 1963, when he began a long political career.

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