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"Tomorrow afternoon in England. Contact me DM", Daily Mail: Albanians advertise on TikTok to cross immigrants for ,000 20,000

"Tomorrow afternoon in England. Contact me DM", Daily Mail: Albanians

The British media "Daily Mail" has conducted an investigation, for Albanian criminals who receive up to ,000 20,000 to traffic immigrants in the UK, and even have the courage to offer their services on TikTok and other social media sites.

An investigation found that Albanians involved in this illegal activity sometimes ridiculed the British authorities' efforts to stop them and posted step-by-step instructions to help illegal immigrants enter the UK.

They illustrate the scale of the problem facing Interior Secretary Priti Patel, who recently visited Albania to sign an agreement accelerating the deportation of criminals and asylum seekers.

The number of migrants crossing the Channel has increased in recent days, reaching more than 8,000 so far - more than throughout 2020.

A human smuggler, whose TikTok account has been viewed by tens of thousands of people, boasts on his profile: 'Anyone interested in going to England should contact me in my inbox. Travel is 100 percent guaranteed. 'His videos feature photos of Union Jack and Big Ben with the comment:' Safe travel from Albania to the UK. 23K Euro.

One of the traffickers used Google maps and professionally made graphics to describe how to get to Britain from France. Highlighting the best way, he added: 'You have to wear clothes as a cleaner. 05.50 am the best time '.

The Daily Mail also found Albanian smugglers advertising the service on Instagram through an account called Journey-Belgium-London with a UK contact number.

On the closed Facebook page 'Albanians in London', which has over 15,000 members, an Albanian using the name Leonard Sufa posted a photo of a truck with the comment: 'Tomorrow afternoon in England. Contact me DM. 'Last year, the Mail exposed an Albanian human trafficker, Kledjan Kurtaj, who advertised on Facebook for a' easy 'backdoor route to Britain via Dublin using fake documents.

The director of threat management at the National Crime Agency, Rob Jones, told the home affairs committee that criminal gangs regularly use social media channels to publish smuggling routes and advertise fake or stolen documents.

Ai tha se faqet më të shquara ishin Facebook, Instagram, Tëitter dhe Telegram por postimet u panë gjithashtu në YouTube dhe TikTok.

Një burim i Policisë Kufitare Shqiptare tha për Mail se shumica e trafikantëve ishin të moshës midis 18 dhe 22 vjeç, nga zona të varfra të Shqipërisë dhe rekrutohen nga rrjetet kriminale për të punuar si fermerë të kanabisit në MB. Ai tha: '[Ata] bien dakord të bëjnë këtë udhëtim dhe të punojnë si fermerë të kanabisit derisa të paguajnë deri në 20,000, kostoja e kontrabandës.'

Një zëdhënës i TikTok tha se kishte hequr videot e trafikimit. Ai shtoi: 'Ne kemi ndaluar përgjithmonë disa llogari për shkeljen e politikave tona dhe ne do të vazhdojmë të marrim masa atje ku është e nevojshme.'

Facebook and Instagram also launched an investigation and removed some of the posts identified by Mail. A spokesman said: 'We are working closely with law enforcement agencies around the world, including the NCA and Europol, to identify, remove and report this illegal activity.'

"Tomorrow afternoon in England. Contact me DM", Daily Mail: Albanians

"Tomorrow afternoon in England. Contact me DM", Daily Mail: Albanians

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