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Njjela: SPAK is bought and scared

Njjela: SPAK is bought and scared

Lawyer Spartak Ngjela is convinced that SPAK was hit by American politics and should not be discussed any longer.

"If I take as truth what the American ambassador said, and there is no way it could not be true, the whole equation takes that course," Ngjela said in an interview for Euronews Albania.

According to him, Ambassador Yuri Kim, who represents the positions of the USA and practically Joe Biden, has made it clear that SPAK does not work, it is bought and scared. In addition, Ngjela clarified that Kraja should also be asked about the deadlines of the investigations.

The lawyer commented on the statement of Kraja, who said that they receive threats from portals. For Njëla, this is inappropriate. He emphasized that it is mafia corruption that has hit them.


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