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SPAK operation, Naim Stafuka is arrested!

SPAK operation, Naim Stafuka is arrested!

Among the 43 arrest warrants signed by GJKKO at the request of SPAK is the name of Naim Stafuka, the brother of Enver Stafuka, who was kidnapped and disappeared in February 2015 in Fushë-Kruje.  

In January 2022, his apartment in Fushë Krujë was vandalized. 

The explosive was placed at the door of the stairs of a three-story building where there are several businesses, but Naim Stafuka lives with his family on the 3rd floor.

The explosion happened in the exact place where brother Enver was kidnapped by masked persons years ago.

The 23 names disclosed so far for whom arrest warrants have been issued, some have been executed 

4- Altin Avdylaj - Shijak 

8- Plarent Dervishaj - Durres 

9- Arben Ndoka, former deputy of SP - Lezhe  

10- Xhevi Ndoka in prison, brother of former MP Arben Ndoka - Lezhe  

11- Fatmir Hyseni alias Docja - Vlore 

12- Albert Zaja, convicted for the murder of Shkëlzen Kastrati - Fushe Kruje

13- Armando Ndreca, brother of SP deputy, Eduard Ndreca - Lezhe 

14- Elvis Ndreca, the son of the uncle of the SP deputy, Eduard Ndreca

15- Miri Bruli- Shkoder 

16- Lulzim Berisha, arrested in Spain

17 - Ergert Mitri - Policeman, former director of the Lezhe police

18- Klodian Shahini - former border police officer

19 - Altin Morina - Former employee of RENEA

21- Arjan Tuku, arrested in Italy

22- Denis Meta, arrested in Spain

23- Naim Stafuka - Fushe Kruje - Arrested 

Criminal events that SPAK shed light on

1-The execution of Bardhok Pllana in Shkodër

2-The collision of Avdylaj and Nikla's Bam

3-The murder of Brilant Martinaj and his friends

5-The murder of Erigers Mihas 

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