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Operation 'Temple', Fuga: High level of incrimination of the population

Operation 'Temple', Fuga: High level of incrimination of the

Professor Artan Fuga in a skype connection on the show "Te Paespozuarit" on MCN TV, spoke about the police operation "Tempulli" as he said that the number of arrests shows a high level of incrimination of the population and that such a high number of arrests would constitute a scandal of other countries.

" In this field, it is difficult to conduct a survey and have a self-declaration. This indicates a very high level of incrimination. The problem that gives me goosebumps, through an indirect data, turns out to be a fairly high level of incrimination of the population. It means that in a country with a large population there should have been 5-6 thousand arrests, which would be a big scandal in the media, society, public opinion.

Second, these are supposed to be distributors, I'm getting a figure more or less, 20-30 people as customers, I get 6-7 thousand just starting from this shot, not counting the others that continue to work. So, it falls to approximately 9-10 thousand users. Even if they are just that and we don't go any further, because they are statistics that require very sophisticated methods, such a figure is very high, which means, what is the need for drugs, the use of narcotics?

The first, an attempt to cope with stress, anxiety, a state of hopelessness, a kind of futility, an attempt to give yourself the motivation to live. It is a significant part of the youth that needs this. If we compare it with the rate of youth flight, these go together. Second, the use of narcotics increases the number of people who suffer from symptoms, have certain disorders, have personality imbalances, and increase aggressiveness in society."

He further added that another problem is that of the policy of punishment, which according to him is such that for what is assigned to punish, catch, prevent it is success, but for society it is failure.

" What will be done with these? There are two ways, to be punished, to serve the sentence in prisons and isolation, which in these layers increases recidivism and there is the risk of engaging in more serious crimes, the second is to be released, to have a kind of laxity, tolerance, which con to the idea that they can say, that this society has weak ties.

I am concerned about a type of mechanism that has been introduced for years, to achieve social integration and the normality of society through punishment, but the question is what happens to this citizen who is fined endlessly for wrong parking, enters this path of criminal offense, of illegality , which means it is not a normal situation for society".


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