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After Butrint Park, the Palace of Brigades will also be privately managed for 20 years

After Butrint Park, the Palace of Brigades will also be privately managed for 20

After Butrint National Park, the Albanian government will also manage the Palace of Brigades through a partnership called PMI (Integrated Management Plan).

It was the Ministry of Culture that paved the way for the integrated management of the Palace of Brigades, with a strategic partner, on the grounds that this historic ensemble should be accessible to all and turned into a tourist spot.

The decision published in the Official Gazette states that this management will be done in partnership for a period of 20 years, where the interested party must have the appropriate funding and experience to revitalize this Ensemble.

Through this act, the government seeks to ensure sustainable management to ensure continued revenue for the preservation and restoration of the monument.

The Presidential Palace, known as the Palace of the Brigades, was designed by Italian architects Gulio Berte at first and then completed by Gherardo Bosio in 1939- 1941. It was originally intended for the royal family (King Zog I), but its construction did not managed to be completed by 1941. Meanwhile, King Zog had left Albania since 1939 as a result of the Italian occupation of the country. The park that surrounds this building extends to about 36 ha. Since 1945 the building serves as the Presidential Palace.

Even the most famous archeological center in Albania, the ancient city of Butrint, is expected to be managed for the next ten years by a new agency, which has caused strong reactions in public opinion.  

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