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For the first time in several months, only two victims from COVID-19 in Albania

For the first time in several months, only two victims from COVID-19 in Albania

179 new cases, 2 loss of life and 587 recovered is the balance of COVID-19 for the last 24 hours in our country. 

The new positive cases with COVID-19 are from: 38 cases in Tirana, 16 in Fier, 12 in Gjirokastra, 11 in Durres, 10 in Korca, 9 in Shkodra, from 8 cases in Vlora, Gramsh, 6 in Skrapar, from 5 cases in Devoll, Lezha, from 4 cases in Elbasan, Lushnje, Pogradec, Saranda, Peqin, Këlcyrë, from 3 cases in Krujë, Kurbin, Puka, from 2 cases in Kukës, Has, Mirditë, Mat, Tepelena, Poliçan, from 1 case in Tropoja, Berat, Dibra, Malësi e Madhe, Maliq, Dropull.

The total number of infected in our country since the beginning of the pandemic has gone to 129,307 citizens, while the cured to 100,600 citizens. 

The two victims of the last 24 hours are two citizens from Tirana, aged 82-85 years. Recall that two victims in 24 hours, there were several months that this low statistic was not recorded. The total number of lives lost as a result of COVID-19 in our country has gone to 2,337 victims.

Currently 182 patients are being treated in COVID hospitals in Tirana and three regional hospitals, 14 in intensive therapy, of which 3 patients are intubated.

Statistics (16 April 2021)

New daily cases 179
Cured in 24 hours 587
Hospitalized 182
Losses of life in 24 hours 2
tests 2652 Total tests 602,322
Positive cases 129,307 Cured
cases 100,600
Active Cases 26,370
Loss of life 2,337

Geographical distribution of active cases by regions:
Tirana 19031
Fier 2241
Durrës 1131
Gjirokastër 981
Shkodër 916
Korçë 712
Vlora 504
Dibër 327
Kukës 282
Elbasan 198
Lezhë 25
Berat 22

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