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Kavaja / Injured the PD secretary in the electoral offices, the suspected perpetrator is identified; what the police say about the event

Kavaja / Injured the PD secretary in the electoral offices, the suspected
Photo from the scene

New details are revealed regarding the incident that took place this afternoon in one of the electoral offices of the Democratic Party in Kavaja.

According to police data, Bledar Okshtuni, 27 years old, known as the secretary of the Democratic Party for the Kavaja headquarters, is suspected of being shot in the leg inside the offices of the Democratic Party by Ndriçim Jonuzi, for weak motives.

"He wounded the 27-year-old with a firearm, the suspected perpetrator is identified and declared wanted.

The combing of the area for his capture continues.

Today around 19:00, in neighborhood no. 4, in Kavaja., Citizen NJ, it is suspected that as a result of a conflict for weak motives, he entered the interior of an electoral office of a political entity and injured gun pistol on foot citizen BO, 27 years old, who is in the hospital of Durres, under the care of doctors.

"Immediately, numerous police forces went to the scene and the combing of the area continues, as well as checkpoints were set up at the entrance-exit of the city to catch the perpetrator" , the police announces.

The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecution continues the work for the full clarification of the circumstances of the event.

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