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The police reject Berisha's request for the December 6 protest in the Boulevard: Infringement of national security

The police reject Berisha's request for the December 6 protest in the

The police of Tirana have rejected the request of the head of PD Sali Berisha to hold a protest on December 6, the day when the summit with EU leaders is organized in Tirana.

In the letter of the police addressed to the Democratic Party, it is stated that within the framework of the summit in the place announced for holding the gathering, measures have been taken to maintain security and any organization of this nature constitutes a security risk.

"I decided to stop the development of the gathering requested by you on 16.12.2022, from 12:00 to 16:00, at the place specified in the request. The Local Directorate of the Tirana Police remains committed to guaranteeing the right of every citizen to receive participate in peaceful gatherings and welcomes any notification of your holding the gathering in an alternative location, outside the security perimeter.

We bring to your attention that for actions in violation of the law, administrative and criminal measures will be taken, "- is written in the letter of the State Police. 

Security perimeter announced by the police: 

"Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard to "Bajram Curri" boulevard, including "Mother Teresa" square.

"Gjergj Filipi" street from the intersection with "Ibrahim Rrugova" street to the intersection with "Papa John Paul II" street.

"Lek Dukagjini" road in its entire length.

"Dervish Hima" street, "Sheh Ahmet Pazar" street, "Faik Konica" street, "Skerdilajd Llagar" street -

"Pope John Paul II" street along its entire length, Asim Zeneli street, "Themistokli Germenji" street, "Mustafa Matohiti" street, "Jul Variboba" street, Fatmir Haxhiu street.

"Ismail Qemali" street, from "Elbasani" street to the intersection with "Ibrahim Rrugova" street.

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