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Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

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"Morning Post" brings you a flash of the main news that happened yesterday in Albania. Click on the blue hyperlinks if you want to read more. If you love 'Post' in your email write us at  [email protected]

Elections /  65 OSCE observers  arrive in Albania next week, who leads the delegation 

Prime Minister  Rama decomposes the invitation for Basha : It does not start with extended governance

DP attacks for rallies, but Rama 'does not see' his gatherings 

The CEC announces that the ballot papers for 6 districts are ready. Celibashi said that all  necessary measures have been taken  and according to him, the vote is 100% protected.

Diplomats  on the ground , Soreca: About 70 representatives from the embassies will visit the polling stations on April 25 to see closely the progress of the process.

Related: "You have neglected the youth",  Soreca party criticism: Campaign to focus on debates, programs and reforms

"They violated the law and put pressure on the administration", the PD candidate in Gjirokastra has filed criminal charges against seven mayors  and heads of institutions in the Prosecutor's Office  .

Balance / For the first time in several months,  only two victims from COVID-19 in Albania

Covid-19 has given birth to a new kind of tourism. What is  "vaccine tourism"  and which European travel companies are offering this service?

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