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Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

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"Morning Post" brings you a flash of the main news that happened yesterday in Albania. Click on the blue hyperlinks if you want to read more. If you love 'Post' in your email write us at  [email protected]

■ Today the name of "Minishengen" is expected to change,  Rama does not comment on the absence of Albin Kurti

Related: Rama, Zaev and Vucic  two-day meeting  in Skopje on "Mini-Schengen"; agenda

■ Shadows of nepotism in the 'new government' of justice,  3 members of KLP are accused of employing family members  in the administration of the Tirana Prosecutor's Office 

■ Accused of deconstruction of OFL operations,  Appeal upholds Artan Shkëmbit suspension

■ A loss of life from Covid-19, MoH: Not vaccinated, increase in patients in need of hospital treatment

■ Requested release because he was ill, GJKKO Appeal  leaves in prison  Fatos Tushen and other defendants; what he testified in court

OSCE / ODIHR Election Report / Celibashi: Government and opposition  to address  remarks and recommendations as soon as possible; US Embassy:  We have kept records, reviewed by institutions

■ Dismissed,  specialist doctors  request a  meeting with the ministry: We will go out in  protest, we will take the case to  court

■ Denunciation of PD:  Rama gives without competition 55 thousand m2 of land on the coast to his two friends, SPAK to investigate this serious corruption affair

Conflict with 4 victims,  CIA launches investigations  for Velipoja police

The decision is approved:  From July 1, the general subscribers will return  to Tirana


The red and black weightlifter  takes fourth place  in the Olympic Games, only 1 kg deprived him of the opportunity for the gold medal 

Related: "Tokyo 2020" / The fourth in the world,  speaks weightlifter Briken Çalja: The best result  in the history of Albanian sport

■ FSHF determines the dates, when the   Teuta-Vllaznia Super Cup is played, and when the championships start in Albania.

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