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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

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"Do you have any shame?" , Berisha-Felajt: The chairman of the group could not have dictated to us

"Electoral criminal", Berisha-Manjës: He makes propaganda like Shukriu or Safeti in the parliament

The fourth accident in Lezha , three injured

Duman also "hands over" his brother: He was involved in the triple assassination of Bradashes

28 MPs write to the Assembly : Gazment Bardhi is the head of the DP parliamentary group

"Strong winds are blowing!"  warns the journalist:  SPAK lands in the Balluk ministry, seizes files and mobile phones

The officer of the 'Eagles' was wounded with a weapon in Tirana,  the perpetrator was arrested after 24 hours 

The Assembly postpones the salary increase for the judges of the Constitutional Court,  the SP accepts the proposal of the Democrats

Presidency or Tourist Agency?! , Begaj with 22 companions and the president of Austria to the USA by public transport 

Salianji for Lulzim Basha:  It is the shame of the DP, because it has received more from this party 

The theft of TIMS system data /  Journalist shows how the suspects are trying to escape the investigation 

The moment of the arrest  of the 42-year-old who wounded the "Eagles" officer with a pistol 


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