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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania


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Under investigation and seizure by SPAK, Tirana's incinerator received 3.8 million euros in 4 months

German newspaper: Refugee camp in Gjadër, an Italian prison , massive restriction of freedom

Duman's strong statement : Banks are used to launder money by the international mafia

Gjekmarkaj meetings in the British Parliament: "Non-grata" of Berisha, decision without transparency


The head of SPAK reports to the Law Commission , Gjokutaj: Half of the members are under investigation

Cameron cancels the meeting with President Begaj


The 3-year-old grandson was kidnapped in Durrës, the appeal frees the grandfather 

Zelensky telephone conversation with Rama: I thanked him for participating in the Peace Summit 

Stayed only 2 hours in Tirana, Cameron calls Begaj 

Berisha: Altin Gjoka or Irena in pants entered to refer to the club of sinners today


David Cameron urgently leaves Tirana, why he interrupted his visit to Albania

MPs of the Italian DP visit Gjadër: Rama-Meloni agreement, failed advertisement for the European elections

Voting of the Diaspora, Celibashi: To be done electronically and by mail 


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