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Italian Anti-Mafia Prosecutor: The Albanian Mafia has become rich from high corruption, it is the most dangerous

Italian Anti-Mafia Prosecutor: The Albanian Mafia has become rich from high

The Albanian mafia is getting very rich because of the high level of corruption in the country. This is what the prosecutor of the Italian Antimafia, Nicola Gratteri, has declared.

"The Albanian mafia is no longer that of robberies in villas, but it is a very structured mafia that has become very rich in its country thanks to a high level of corruption" , said Gratteri in an interview with the well-known YouTuber and Italian singer-songwriter Fedez.

Gratteri has shown the three most dangerous mafias in Europe, where Albania is also listed among them.

"The Calabrian Ndrangheta mafia has a business turnover equal to 50 billion euros per year, it is present in Australia, in the USA, in Canada, in Germany, which is the European country with the largest presence of Ndrangheta in its territory, as it has a favorable legislation and not a stark contrast to the recycling of lost money. In Germany, you can enter a car dealership with a suitcase of money, buy a vehicle in cash, and no one asks you where you got this money ," Gratteri said. .

The Antimafia prosecutor has stated that the Calabrian mafia 'Ndragheta' has a monopoly on cocaine in South America, where 1 kg of the drug costs up to 1,000 euros.

"The Calabrian mafia 'Ndrangheta has the monopoly of cocaine in South America, they arrived first in the counter-contract for the purchase and transport of it in Europe and it is the only mafia that can buy cocaine from the Amazon forests at a price of 1000 euros per kilogram, when all the mafias others buy it for EUR 1800. From 1 kg of cocaine, the profit is fourfold and there is no bigger profit than this business, when a gram of cocaine sells for EUR 50.

The Ndrangheta remains one of the most reliable mafias in cooperation with the South American cartels, for their ferocity, for the small number of those who repent, for the guarantee of reliability they give in criminal activity. Ndrangheta is already in the third generation of brokers who work and live in South America and contract cocaine for almost three generations. To enter the cocaine business, the Cosa Nostra families ask for permission from the Calabrian Ndragheta, which has the monopoly of this traffic in the world,"  Gratteri said.

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