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The prosecution contracted a convicted expert for the evaluation of the Kardhiq-Delvinë road

The prosecution contracted a convicted expert for the evaluation of the

Five years ago, the Prosecution of Serious Crimes contracted an expert convicted by a final decision for "false expertise" and without the right to practice the profession to evaluate the tender of the Kardhiq-Delvinë road, which was being investigated for favoring a private company in procurement procedures.

Five years later, this fact was revealed in the judicial process against the former director of the Albanian Road Authority, Sonila Qato, and other officials in the Special Court, leading to the postponement of the process until the completion of a new expert report.

The Special Court declared the illegality and unusability of the act of expertise carried out in 2019 in the previous session, after the defendants raised claims that the experts appointed at that time by the prosecution were unlicensed and one of them was convicted.

The court also decided to conduct a new examination. The defendants and their legal representatives contested this decision, calling it unfair to conduct a new trial after five years.

On Tuesday, the experts present at the session asked for two months' time to carry out the new expertise. Consequently, the court adjourned the session until the maximum possible deadline, for July 9, at 13:00.

Sonila Qato and her subordinates are accused by SPAK of favoring a shadow company for the tender of the Skërfica tunnel on the Kardhiq-Delvinë road in 2019 - which also brought Qato's resignation in September of that year. ARRSH set up a working group in 2019 to verify the works carried out by the company "Gjoka..." in the tunnels of the Arbri road, which were granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy with a concession. The control came after this company competed for the 19 million euro tender on the Kardhiq - Delvina road, claiming that it was unfairly disqualified.

According to SPAK, ARRSH has initiated an administrative investigation for the implementation of the concession contract of the Arbri road, producing false data to argue the disqualification of the company "Gjoka" from the tender. The prosecution accuses the members of the working group of "Forgery of documents", with the argument that they prepared two reports on the same day that differ in content.

Also, it is claimed that the content of these reports has resulted in contradiction with the documentation submitted by the association of operators "Gjoka Konstruksion", as well as they have been evaluated by the prosecution as completely different from the data obtained from the minutes of the investigation carried out by the Police Judicial or expert report conducted by experts appointed by the former Serious Crimes Prosecutor's Office - expert report that was deemed invalid in the previous session./ BIRN

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