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Report: In 2023, the European Court gave 45 decisions related to Albania

Report: In 2023, the European Court gave 45 decisions related to Albania

The State Bar reported that in 2023 there were at least 47 cases for which the European Court of Human Rights gave a decision regarding the claims that the parties had against the Albanian state. According to the 2023 report, these claims have resulted in a reward award of 279,000 euros, an amount significantly lower than the intended total.

For the period January-December 2023, the European Court of Rights issued 47 decision cases for 75 requests. In these cases, during the trial, the petitioners requested the compensation of the financial right of 2 billion lek, while the Court accepted a total compensation of the right in the amount of 29 million lek or 279 thousand euros" - the report states.

Referring to the decisions, it appears that in 18 decisions the requests were accepted and violations were found by the court. In 16 decisions, the requests were declared inadmissible, while in 1 decision, the requests were declared admissible, deciding that there was no violation. In 7 decisions it was decided to remove the cases from the list of judgments by accepting the declarations of settlement with agreement signed by the parties.

In five decisions, it was decided to remove the cases from the trial list, given that the petitioners did not express interest in pursuing the case.

The document estimates that during the year 2023, issues were addressed in terms of a) protection and representation in the ECHR b) drafting and sending information for the execution of the decisions of the Department of Execution of Decisions in the ECHR and the Committee of Ministers of Ki-E.

"In the representation before the court for this year, a total of 29 cases were dealt with, which mainly focused on the regular legal process (Article 6 of the Convention) and the right to property (Article 1 Protocol 1).

The Bar Association reports that it has shifted its approach during 2023 to finding a compromise solution to issues related to the prolongation of court proceedings./Monitor

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