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How much do Albanians accept different religious beliefs?

How much do Albanians accept different religious beliefs?

85% of Albanians share the same religion with their family. Only one in ten Albanian citizens believe in a religion other than that of their family.

The phenomenon is more prevalent in rural areas than urban ones, although not by a large margin.

If we divide Albanians according to the area where they live, the result shows that the families that inherit the religious faith are more numerous in the north of Albania.

Despite the fact that most citizens share their religious beliefs with their families, they accept people with different religious beliefs from their own.

Over 95% of Albanians agree that society, work colleagues or children's teacher or family doctor are of a different religion.

The findings are from the Barometer at Euronews Albania, conducted by MRB and DataCentrum at the national level with 1000 face-to-face interviews on April 25 - May 7. Euronews Albania

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