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How many Albanians practice their religion?

How many Albanians practice their religion?

More than half of Albanians (50.7%) never go to religious institutions such as mosques, churches or tekkes. Most of those who visit these religious institutions (27%) go only on holidays of the religion to which they belong.

The rest of the citizens visit mosques, churches and tekkes once a month (5.9%), once a week (7.9%), or more than once a week (5.4%).

Based on the 2011 census conducted by the Institute of Statistics, almost 80% of Albanians declare that they belong to a religious faith.

The vast majority of Albanians (57.8%) think that they are as religious as their parents. One in five Albanian citizens (21.8%) think that they believe less in religion than their parents. Fewer are (19%) who trust more than their parents.

The majority of Albanians (73.9%) believe today as much as 10 years ago. Almost one in five Albanians (18.7%) say they believe more today than 10 years ago and very few (6.3%) have lost faith over the last decade.

The findings are from the Barometer at Euronews Albania, conducted by MRB and DataCentrum at the national level with 1000 face-to-face interviews on April 25 - May 7. Euronews Albania 


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