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The outbreak disease in Gjirokastër, risk centers are increasing. Cattle are vaccinated

The outbreak disease in Gjirokastër, risk centers are increasing. Cattle

Anthrax, as it is known by livestock farmers, has reappeared this year in a new outbreak in the Gjirokastra District, bringing the number of outbreaks at risk for vaccination to 12. The village of "Asim Zeneli" was confirmed as the new focus of the outbreak after the infection of four people who had slaughtered and consumed a cow outside the conditions of veterinary control.

Infected people are out of danger for life, while all heads of cattle are being vaccinated against anthrax. The veterinary service at the District level is carrying out about 27,000 doses of vaccines for about 26,000 heads of small animals and cattle.

"For health care from anthrax outbreak disease for 2024, the Gjirokastër sector, which includes the districts of Tepelën, Gjirokastër, Përmet, will implement, based on the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture for health care from the outbreak disease, about 27 thousand doses of anthrax-explosion in fine and cattle in 12 foci, these are foci in the districts of Gjirokastra and Tepelena because Përmet is clean at the moment", Krenar Veli, head of the veterinary department.

To prevent outbreaks of infection, the veterinary service has called on citizens to consume only certified meat products.

"It affects people and mainly people who have activities with animals, so I call on citizens to buy meat in stores, which are supplied by slaughterhouses where the animals go with a veterinary certificate from the farm to the slaughterhouse, are slaughtered by certain people and are checked and sealed by a doctor slaughterhouse veterinarian. We have two slaughterhouses in Gjirokastër and one in Tepelena. which meet all the needs of small livestock or those that go from the farm to the slaughterhouse", said Krenar Veli, head of the veterinary department.

In the Gjirokastër District, animal husbandry is one of the branches with tradition and priority in the local economy.

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