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Quarrel between Albanians in France, two injured

Quarrel between Albanians in France, two injured

A clash between Albanians took place in Clermont-Ferrand, France. As a result, two people were injured, one from a gunshot wound to the chest and the other from a knife wound to the throat. The fight happened in the Croix-de-Neyrat district of Clermont-Ferrand, rue des Clos.

The Clermont-Ferrand police station explained that those involved in the incident were in a "Renault Scénic" vehicle in which there were 2 people and a "VW Golf" in which there was one person. It appears that there was a fight for which the motive is unknown, according to the police.

The individual  who arrived in the "Golf" apparently stabbed an Albanian resident in Scenic with a knife in the throat. One of the car's passengers responded with a shot, hitting the other in the chest. The two people who lived in the Scenic left separately, the passenger on foot, the driver with the vehicle. The victim injured by the bullet remained at the scene and was taken to the hospital. At the moment, there is no information from the Commissariat about his state of health.

Two hours later, the individual with carotid artery damage presented himself at the République health center, which notified the police station. "He was treated before being taken into custody." He is a 30-year-old Albanian. "He was under judicial control and was forbidden to leave Allier, so he is in violation," the police station says. The wounded from the shooting is also Albanian, 25 years old.

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