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The numbers of Covid-19 in the country: 806 infected and one loss of life

The numbers of Covid-19 in the country: 806 infected and one loss of life

The Ministry of Health has reported the latest balance of the coronavirus in the country.

In the last 24 hours, out of 2180 tests performed, 806 infections were recorded, while one patient died.

The new cases were recorded respectively: 239 in Tirana, 56 in Fier, 48 in Lushnje, 43 in Durrës, 32 in Elbasan, from 29 citizens in Divjakë, Vlorë, 22 in Berat, from 21 citizens in Saranda, Gjirokastër, 17 in Shkodër. , from 15 citizens in Lezhë, Gramsh, 14 in Malësi e Madhe, 13 in Korçë, 12 in Himarë, 11 in Dimal, from 10 citizens in Krujë, Kamëz, Kavajë, from 9 citizens in Kurbin, Vorë, Mallakastër, Kuçovo, from 8 citizens in Selenica, Maliq, Pogradec, out of 7 citizens in Patos, Devoll, Skrapar, out of 5 citizens in Bulqiza, Mat, out of 4 citizens in Vau i Dejës, Dibër, Përmet, Tepelën, Poliçan, out of 3 citizens in Kukës, Has , Shijak, Delvinë, Libohova, Kolonje, from 2 citizens in Pukë, Mirdita, Roskovec, from 1 citizen in Tropoja, Rrogozhinë, Cerrik, Librazhd.

There are 7,029 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country. Currently, 22 patients are receiving treatment at the COVID3 hospital. In the last 24 hours there is a loss of life with Sars-Cov2: a 79-year-old citizen from Vlora.

Statistics (August 10, 2022)
Daily new cases 806
Recovered in 24 hours 703
Hospitalized 22
Loss of life in 24 hours 1
Daily testing 2180

Total Testing 1,935,925
Cases 319,444 Recovered Cases 308,848
Active Cases 7,029
Loss of Life 3,567

Geographical distribution of active cases by counties:

Tirana 3,293
Fier 812
Durrës 575
Vlora 466
Elbasan 378
Gjirokastër 366
Korçë 278
Shkodër 228
Berat 218
Lezhë 208
Dibër 160
Kukës 47


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