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Shkullak: There are two pillars that SPAK cannot touch

Shkullak: There are two pillars that SPAK cannot touch

Analyst Armand Shkullaku has shown the two pillars that, according to him, SPAK is unable to touch.

Invited to Syri TV, according to Shkullak, they are electoral crime and high-level corruption.

There are two pillars that SPAK does not dare to touch.

When I talk about political control of SPAK, I do not mean that Rama calls Altin Duman, but it is a self-censorship, self-control that SPAK has against the absolute power of the prime minister.

And who is this that they can never touch.

One is the procedures that produced the abuse of millions of euros. So we don't go to the procedure.

And the second is electoral crime. SPAK has not dared to touch both of these.

SPAK has no concern if these criminal elements, if these are used to change the will of the elections in Albania, this is the most serious crime committed against the republic.

So if the elections are held and SPAK has the evidence, there are phone conversations about how these elements were used by the SP, then there are two elements that have harmed Albania's security.

The first and second elections, high-level corruption, because we know what high-level corruption is about.

Where does the 5D money go, in the campaign, the money of the incinerators, in the campaign.

So how are these used, according to Edi Rama's motto, we steal Albania to steal votes and we steal votes to steal Albania.

It is precisely this scheme for which SPAK was created. This was targeting, organized crime and high-level corruption. If SPAK does not deal with these, but deals with family members, you have bought and sold so much, it is banality ', said Armand Shkullaku 

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