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Albania paves the way for the legalization of medical cannabis

Albania paves the way for the legalization of medical cannabis

As part of the preparations to legalize the cultivation of medical cannabis, the Government of Albania on Thursday announced that it will establish the National Agency for licensing of companies that will deal with this activity and has started drafting laws that will regulate it.

The decision to proceed with the creation of legal and institutional infrastructure for the cultivation of narcotic plants for health reasons comes after a poll administered by the socialist government led by Edi Rama in Albania, in which 61 percent of citizens who responded to the government's call to comment on this and other issues, supported the initiative.

Out of 500 thousand citizens who answered the government questionnaire, 308 thousand supported the legalization of cannabis cultivation, while 143 thousand opposed it and about 50 thousand did not express any position.

Albania has cultivated cannabis over the years and the country is one of the main illegal producers and exporters of this narcotic substance in Europe.

The law that will legalize cannabis cultivation in Albania is expected to have the support of the majority of deputies in the Albanian Parliament, although not without controversy.

Although the legalization of cannabis personal use has been opposed by both parties, Democrats have opposed the legalization of its cultivation for health reasons.

According to the law drafted by the government, the cultivation license will be granted for 15 years to cultivate 150 hectares of companies that have an initial capital of ALL 100 million and experience in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

The license will be approved by a government decision, on the proposal of the Minister of Health. REL


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