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Albania "without a leader"/ Begaj, Nikolla and Rama violate the protocol, all 3 abroad at the same time

Albania "without a leader"/ Begaj, Nikolla and Rama violate the

The highest heads of State violate the protocol. Bajram Begaj, Edi Rama and Lindita Nikolla put the key to the office by traveling outside Albania and at the same time leaving the country without a leader.

The State Protocol clearly specifies that the three holders of the three main institutions should not leave Albania at the same time. The protocol rules sanction that the Presidency, the Assembly and the Prime Minister must be coordinated so that at least one of the holders of the institution stays in Albania.

"The State Protocol is notified in advance of any movement of the three main personalities abroad. The visits are coordinated so that all three are not simultaneously abroad at the same time," state protocol.

Bajram Begaj and Edi Rama made their way to America where they will be part of the meetings within the UN General Assembly, an activity which was publicly announced more than two months ago. While the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla, has traveled to Germany where she is meeting with her counterpart from the state of Bremen, Antje Grotheer.

Not infrequently in the past the same event has been reported, but apparently the temptation to visit abroad seems greater than the observance of state protocol. This is because the violation has become something routine over the years, even though the leaders of the institutions have changed./A2 CNN

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