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Silvinho before the challenge with Italy: It is an honor to represent so many Albanians in the world

Silvinho before the challenge with Italy: It is an honor to represent so many

The coach of the Albanian National Team, Silvinjo, held a press conference, one day before the match against Italy, at "Signal Iduna Park" in Dortmund for Euro 2024.

He says that they are motivated and feels honored to represent Albanians in the world. 

"First of all, I am very happy to be here, we had a difficult competition during the qualifications. It has not been easy, but I am proud to be with Albania at Euro 2024. I am sorry for Gjimshiti who was not part of team in EURO 2016, but now he has the opportunity to lead Albania in this European Italy and the starting lineup is totally ready.

We have so many Albanians, so many there around the world. We have in Italy, Germany, Zivre, everywhere. It is a great responsibility for us to represent these wonderful people. The whole stadium will be dressed in red and it will be a big responsibility for us.

I haven't spoken to Mancini for the last six months. He did a wonderful job winning the European Championship. I have known him for 20 years. What he led is different from today's. Italy has speed, skill, with a great coach. Italy is a "top" team. She comes with the desire to win the competition, but we also entered to do our best.

You know me very well. After the Moldova match, where we stamped the ticket for the European Championship, now six months later, the feelings are the same. The team is very motivated. We will go out and do the best we can. "

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