"Situation in serious hospitals", Meta: Citizens should be informed about the vaccine, there is no place for 'secrets'

"Situation in serious hospitals", Meta: Citizens should be informed
President Ilir Meta

President Ilir Meta said that Albania needs a clear plan for vaccination of the population, while raising as a concern the situation in hospitals.

The lack of health equipment and personnel, according to the Head of State, is a serious concern.

"We must not forget the current situation in our hospitals, which continues to be critical and which forces greater care to all citizens who are affected and are struggling with Covid-19.

Let us not forget that our hospitals lack a good part of rescue equipment and moderate or severe cases are treated abroad. "Let's not forget that we are the country with the most injured medical staff", said Meta in "This Week".

He added that any concealment of problems through propaganda does not serve the purpose which is to win the battle with the coronavirus. According to him, many issues, including the issue of vaccination could have been better managed.


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