The 'McGonigal' scandal, Topi: Rama avoided Parliament, sees institutions as pieces of paper

The 'McGonigal' scandal, Topi: Rama avoided Parliament, sees

Former president Bamir Topi has spoken about the 'Rama-McGonigal' scandal as he focused on the absence of the prime minister in the last parliamentary session, which caused strong debates in the Assembly.

Invited to the studio of "Kjo Javë" on News 24, Topi said that the lack of transparency and the refusal that Rama made to the interpellation, adds to the doubts about the case. Topi emphasized that Rama avoided the Parliament by calling it an 'old disease' of the prime minister.

"I have seen it in two ways, one where he has the obligation to give all the explanations in his country in the USA. There are also reflections in Albania, but it remains political and here things are complicated because, as happens in Albanian politics, there is no transparency here, and this increases doubts. Where doubts increase, cacophony increases and a chaotic situation ensues and things go to extremes. Whether the Prime Minister is involved or not, the situation here remains a political problem. It is the prime minister's duty to be as transparent as he can. This week he avoided parliament. I would say that this is an old disease that characterizes Rama. I do not see any change in the physiognomy of the prime minister. For years he has been defined as a man who sees institutions as pieces of paper.To install Topi.

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