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The scandal with the incinerators, another elderly 'millionaire' speaks: I don't have a home my dear, I stay with my brother

The scandal with the incinerators, another elderly 'millionaire'

Rruzhdije and Shkëlqim Meta are another couple involved in the financial evasion of the incinerators.

According to the data published so far, they found that the company was sold to them, which committed about 30 million euros of fiscal evasion.

Speaking to Syri.tv, Rruzhdije Meta claims that she is a victim of this scheme, as she does not even have a home, as she and her husband have taken refuge with her brother.

She has also shown that she learned the news that there were businessmen who had bought a company that had carried out 30 million euro transactions only from television, and she had no idea who the people who did these actions could be.

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