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The microcredit scandal, Karamuço: Banks have gotten out of control

The microcredit scandal, Karamuço: Banks have gotten out of control

The professor of criminology, Ervin Karamuço, invited to Top Story, mentioned one of the topics that was also addressed by the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani in the Law Commission on the use of banks and organized crime for money laundering.

According to him, these banks have gone out of control, a scandal that he says affects about 100 Albanians and that has also received international attention.

"They know who these banks are, but I am not the right person to say it, these banks are out of control and we have just left the gray area for money laundering. The role of the governor of the Bank of Albania is also relevant. A file has been brought to him about a scandal involving nearly 100,000 Albanians, directly or indirectly, and is receiving attention from international institutions. One of these banks is also suspected in Europe of laundering the money of Russian oligarchs, it has also been closed in Kosovo, I don't understand why it continues to be open here", said the expert.

Karamuço mentioned the case of a few days ago, where a false alarm raised the State Police, after some schools in the country were threatened to be attacked with a bomb, where according to him, it has been discovered who did it.

"Remember about the message in schools, the State Police, anti-terrorist and SHISH have taken actions and it turned out that the person who did it is a Russian who is in Serbia. He has also done this action with Montenegro and Kosovo. The file has been referred to SPAK to pursue it for terrorist acts, it was an alert from someone. He is identified, but his name and surname are kept secret," said the professor.

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