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"SPAK with 2 standards", Malltezi: If he acted as he did with Berisha, today Veliaj would be in prison

"SPAK with 2 standards", Malltezi: If he acted as he did with Berisha,

Argita Malltezi, the daughter of the head of the demorat Sali Berisha, accuses SPAK of acting with double standards.

Invited to A2 CNN, Malltezi said that if SPAK would act in the same way as it did with Sali Berisha, then Erion Veliaj would also have to be in prison, for the incinerators or even the last scandal where several directors were arrested.

"SPAK has been given an extra legal power, as long as the chief prosecutor says that the courts do what we say, Irena Gjoka is the ugliest illustration that has happened due to the arrest of the Reform in Justice. SPAK is asymmetrical in its decisions, it has 2 standards, the security measures, if this standard of Berisha and Malltez had been applied, today Erion Veliaj and a number of ministers should be in prison, but such a thing is not being done.

Double standards and within the government, what is the approach towards Arben Ahmetaj and Veliaj, Ahmetaj had written 5 documents against the incinerator, Dumani has asked to be taken into the investigation, he has done very well, but he should do the same with Veliaj. Berisha's case, he is under arrest because the son-in-law received 410 square meters of inheritance from his grandfather without any harm to the state and without any legal violation. On the other hand, we have an incinerator with a bill of millions of euros, an incinerator that does not exist", said Malltezi.


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