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Euro 2024 starts today, "Reuters": Italy must get ready, Albania will cause riots

Euro 2024 starts today, "Reuters": Italy must get ready, Albania will

The European championship starts today in Germany. The first challenge that will open the marathon is played between Germany and Scotland at "Allianz Arena".

Awaiting the start of the championship, the prestigious " Reuters " has dedicated an article to the long-awaited challenge between Italy and Albania, which will be played tomorrow.

Italy should start their Euro 2024 campaign against Albania on Saturday in the same fashion as last tournament, but their opponents will see this game as the perfect opportunity to make headlines.

With Spain and Croatia still remaining in Group B, Italy will not expect to have it so easy this time around and this is the only game where they are expected to take all three points.

Albania may be seen as the "whipping boys" of the group, but with nothing to lose, they will be out to cause an upset wherever possible, and have a better chance of catching Italy cold in the game opening.

Italy, like three years ago, enter the Euros without the weight of favourites, and while a win over Albania wouldn't necessarily change people's minds, it would give them the confidence they need for the challenges ahead.

Luciano Spalletti's side are facing a squad filled with many familiar faces, as 10 of the Albanian side play their club football in Italy and they have a coach who also has a background in the country.

Sylvinho was one of Roberto Mancini's assistants when he managed Inter and the Brazilian, like many others in the Albanian team and in general, speaks Italian, so there won't be many secrets on and off the pitch.


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