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The stock in the courts, the head of the KiE office and Wisner criticism: Delay of justice for citizens

The stock in the courts, the head of the KiE office and Wisner criticism: Delay

The stock of court files in Albania continues to remain a disturbing problem for justice. Citizens are left without a solution while still at the doors of the courts.

The head of the office of the Council of Europe, Giulia Re, emphasized the country's need to reduce the number of backlogged cases that today have been locked in the drawers of the courts. She stressed the need to increase the capacity of professionals and magistrates.

"The relationship between efficiency and backlog reduction." There is still a need to further the processing of these data in the judicial system as statistics consistent with European practice and that evaluates the backlog. These services put the citizen in the center of attention and we need all of this, but there is also a need for capacity building for legal professionals and magistrates for the efficient use of available tools and instruments" , said the head of the KiE office.

The US Embassy in Tirana's Chargé d'Affaires in Tirana, David Wisner, was also critical of justice, who said that the delay in solving cases is a delay in justice for the citizens.

Wisner emphasized that the US will help create successful reforms in accordance with the Constitution.

"You have a hard job and you have done a fantastic job but now there is more work to do. At the core of democracy which offers something to the people is the commitment it has to the people. When we talk about backlog of court cases, the number of cases is delay of justice for common citizens. This strategy you are developing is a commitment to the needs of citizens.

Your choices put the justice system on a solid foundation. It is worth noting that some of the steps you have taken to improve the situation have been painful. Because Vetting caused work interruptions but was necessary. Now is the time for complicated but bold steps. The US will help you create successful reforms to bring them into line with the Constitution. We continue to encourage more collaboration between all stakeholders which is critical. Keep working to find solutions, I am confident that you will work for a better future" , said Wisner.

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