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Students are shrinking rapidly, "Bachelor" degrees annual decline by 13.8%

Students are shrinking rapidly, "Bachelor" degrees annual decline by

The number of degrees in the university system marked a drastic decrease in the academic year 2022-2023, signaling that the country's economy will face a shortage of experts in almost all fields in the near future.

The official data of INSTAT refers that in the academic year 2022-23, 13,808 students graduated in the cycle of "Bachelor" studies with an annual decrease of 13.8 percent.

A total of 27,991 students graduated from higher education. Students graduated in Bachelor programs make up 49.3% of the total students, followed by Master's programs with 44.6%.

In all higher education programs, in this academic year, 18,241 female students graduated, or 65.2% of the total number of students who graduated in higher education.

The field in which more students have graduated in all programs is "Business, administration and law" of 25.4% or a quarter of the total number of graduates, both for women and for men.

The second most preferred field by men is "Engineering, production and construction" with 22.5% of male graduates. Meanwhile, among all female graduates, the second most preferred field is "Health and well-being" with 22.9% of graduates.

Analyzed for each field separately, the fields in which more women have graduated compared to men are "Education" (82.6%), followed by "Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics" (80.5%) and "Social sciences, journalism and information" (79.7%).

The fields in which more men have graduated compared to women are "Services" (68.8%), "Engineering, production and construction" (62.5%), and "Information and communication technology" (58.5% ).

In the 2022-23 school year, 83,548 pupils and students graduated from formal education, 34.1% from 9-year education, 32.4% from secondary education and 33.5% from higher education.

Pre-university education (up to upper secondary) In the 2022-23 school year, 28,488 students graduated from 9-year education, of which 52.6% were boys and 47.4% were girls.

27,069 students graduated from secondary education, 47.2% boys and 52.8% girls. 3,212 students graduated in vocational education, 82.3% boys and 17.7% girls. Vocational education graduates make up 11.9% of all secondary education graduates./Monitor

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