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"Tenders are in the hands of crime" / Petro Koçi arrives at SPAK. Will he speak with names before prosecutors?

"Tenders are in the hands of crime" / Petro Koçi arrives at

The elected deputy of the Socialist Party, Petro Koçi arrived a few minutes ago at the SPAK building to give his testimony regarding the denunciation made a few days ago for the tenders of the Municipality of Fier.

On July 16, Petro Koçi called on the SPAK to investigate in the city of Fier the connections of the organized crime world with public institutions.

Petro Koçi stated that in Fier the hands of crime are extended on public finances, emphasizing that the protagonists of drug trafficking and violence have legalized business entities that win public tenders. According to the Socialist MP, they achieve this through direct connections with any head of institutions or through the threat of certain officials or the owners of business entities.

Following this denunciation, SPAK opened the case and today called to testify the author of that statement. For the media, Petro Koçi has been reserved to show concrete names of who he was referring to in his denunciation. It is not known whether the Socialist MP will reveal his names today before the SPAK prosecutors.

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