Tough math test, QSHA responds to graduates: There was nothing outside the program

Tough math test, QSHA responds to graduates: There was nothing outside the

Yesterday, the Mathematics exam for the State Matura was held and the graduates expressed that the test was of a high level of difficulty.

Today, the Center for Educational Services issued a statement to the media today and at no point did they show understanding towards the graduates, saying that there was nothing outside the program in the exam thesis. The QSHA representative said that the exam thesis had nothing outside the curriculum, while adding that good students have not had any difficulties.

However, students have expressed disappointment with the wording of the math exam, even though this year 's graduates have gone through more difficulties than last year - who were given an easier exam due to the pandemic. .

This year's graduates have been teaching online almost all year round and in cases where they went to school, the hours were from 30 minutes. In addition, when parents tested positive for Covid-19, students had to stay home and there was no supportive practice for these students (in cases where teaching was only at school).

But all these circumstances have not affected the ease of drafting the exam.

"Good students have not had any difficulties. The rest could be solved by studying signs, graphs or test points. From the correction we will see how they reacted to these tests. The question with the equation of the line has such endless exercises. The thesis is intermediate level, there is none outside the program. There is no scientific error. As for what they say; translated. The texts are translated. Polynomials are what they are, it is not a matter of copying and they are not of the Cambridge level. After seeing the exam scheme they will be calmed down. Then students who have entered with the thought that; 'I will copy', that's another thing. There were level exercises for the average student, " said the representative of QSHA.

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