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"Knives behind the back", Brace lists the reasons why he left the government: There was no room for two

"Knives behind the back", Brace lists the reasons why he left the

Former Deputy Prime Minister, currently SP MP, Erion Brace has listed the reasons that pushed him to leave the government.

Invited to the show "Arnautistan" on MCN TV, Brace spoke about "knives behind his back" saying that he could not share the government with another person.

Brace : It was my choice not to be in government. There are many reasons, some have been consumed between me and the Prime Minister. There are some things that maybe time can shake or bring to light later. There are some things related to me that I communicated to the Prime Minister. In the end it was my choice to be respected. There were many things I did not like, always in relation to me. One of the elements is these knives behind the cord. We are almost on the same days.

There was a big campaign at that moment also because of a criminal case by SPAK against a mayor, who unjustly, completely falsely, but politically instigated from within, threw himself on me. We are in the light of a trial, which has brought out the truth in public and I have nothing to do with it. In that period I could not share the government with a person who instigated this. Edi Rama was clear about the issue, but in such conditions there was no room for two, there was room for only one.

There are many things I thought I could change from the inside out. For a period of 7 months until the earthquake that struck the country, things were going in the right direction, we were trying to establish discipline and order, and foster a work culture in state offices. The earthquake made the government wider and some of the elements I had dealt with during the autumn of that year, which had to do with fiscal and economic policies to the detriment of agriculture and the poor and middle classes, which are now proving harmful, conditions were produced to stagnate, in favor of these people.

The day I left I thanked Rama for the freedom he allowed me within the government. For two and a half years I had communication with him. I had the freedom to object and not sign in certain cases.

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