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Three years since the tragic earthquake of November 26, what the 50 seconds of horror left behind

Three years since the tragic earthquake of November 26, what the 50 seconds of

Crying, wailing, dust, destroyed homes, scared children, search and rescue teams, ambulances, doctors and numerous police and military forces...

This is how Albania woke up three years ago, from the tragic earthquake of November 26, which took the lives of 51 people, while thousands of others remained in the open sky.

The earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale and epicenter 16 kilometers west-southwest of Mamurras was the biggest that has hit Albania in more than forty years. Meanwhile, the two areas most affected and with the most victims from the strike were Durrësi and Thumana.

Only in the city of Durrës, 23 victims were recorded, where the greatest tragedy was in the Lala family, the ruins of whose apartment took the lives of 8 people, while fortunately their 19-year-old son was able to survive.

But during these three years, very little has changed for Durrës, which, together with the surroundings, are still suffering the consequences of the tragedy.

Many families, in addition to the still heavy wounds of the loss of their relatives, have to face another difficulty, which is the lack of a shelter.

Residents left between the four roads due to the natural disaster, it seems, will spend another day without their homes, staying in tents, rented apartments or with relatives.

Who were the victims of the tragic earthquake?

Sahadete Lala, 79 years old

Ilir Lala, 52 years old

Marjeta Lala, 31 years old

Griselda Lala, 19 years old

Amelia Lala, 9 years old

Emilio Lala, 6 vjeç

Dionis Lala, 2 vjeç

Dionisa Lala, 2 vjeç

Fatmira Cara, 53 vjeç

Hasan Cara, 18 vjeç

Anthi Cara, 72 vjeç

Almir Cara, 29 vjeç

Stela Zvergeci, 21 vjeçe

Erisa Cara, 28 vjeçe

Eduard Reci, 54 vjeç

Dolora Reci, 49 vjeç

Kristi Reci, 25 vjeç

Klaus Reci, 21 vjeç

Klement Çupi, 37 vjeç

Hajredin Çupi, 66 vjeç

Lutfie Çupi

Bajram Hajdarmataj, 54 vjeç

Isah Abazi, 29 vjeç

Shemsedin Abazi, 32 vjeç 

Esiela Karanxha, 8 vjeçe

Diena Karanxha

Eviola Broshka, 28 vjeçe

Saimir Greku, 31 vjeç

Pëllumb Greku, 57 vjeç

Çelike Greku

Hajrie Vata, 65 vjeçe,

Rolejdi Vata, 7 vjeç

Drita Cakoni, 15 vjeç

Kastriot Cakoni, 58 vjeç

Kristian Preçi, 26 vjeç

Ersid Hoxholli , 32 vjeç

Aderina Kadili

Sadik Qato, 85 vjeç

Rozeta Mecja, 59 vjeç

Sotiraq Misha , 49 vjeç

Nafije Rexhepi

Flatar Zenelaj, 64 vjeç

Xhuljeta Gjana, 60 vjeç

Bukurie Leka, 80 vjeç

Fatmira Cuka, 44 vjeç

Sardi Cuka, 19 vjeç

Selvie Lala, 77 vjeç

Arjela Lala, 4 years old

Beauty Leka

Diestela Steneci

Jessica Biqiku, 20 years old




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