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It was built with false documents, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana seizes the 2-story villa in Petrelë

It was built with false documents, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana seizes

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana has seized a 2-story villa in Petrelë, after the technical-legal documentation resulted in false data.

The building object turns out to be in the name of the citizen Xh.Ç.


'Illegal construction' and 'Forgery of documents', the Tirana Prosecutor's Office seizes the 2-storey villa in Petrelë. At the request of the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Tirana General Jurisdiction, a preventive seizure was placed on a two-story building in the name of citizen Xh.Ç. with a land area around it of 660 m2 in Kërrabë, Petrelë, part of the plot where the Prosecutor's Office also seized 7 buildings in the form of concrete structures with different surfaces and with concrete roof and terrace coverings.

The buildings were formally equipped with a reconstruction permit, but the technical-legal documentation resulted in false data.

In 2023, criminal proceedings no. 504 were registered for the criminal offense "Illegal construction", provided for by article 199/ai of the Criminal Code in relation to the construction carried out by the citizen Xh. Ç. in plot number 2/a of Krrabë Forestry Economy, Petrelë. Following the investigations into constructions without permission, it was found that in the forest plot no. 2/a of the forest economy 'Krrabë-Gurrë', interventions were carried out which contradict the forest legislation and in the field of planning and development of the territory .

From the study of the acts, it turned out that in addition to the criminal offense of "Illegal construction" the criminal offense of "Forgery of documents" provided for by Article 186 of the Criminal Code, as according to the In-Depth Expertise Act, dated 12.09.2022, in view the first seems to have been issued by the Institute of Construction, but from the information received, this act does not appear to have been carried out as long as it has not been proceeded with the performance of such an action for the citizen Xh.Ç. Given that the further continuation of construction aggravates the consequences as well as the fact that this construction was carried out in complete violation of the law, being before the elements of the criminal offenses of "Illegal construction" and "Forgery of documents" according to articles 199/ a and 186 of the Penal Code, as long as the falsified material has served for the issuance of the relevant permit by the Municipality of Tirana, we consider that we are in the conditions where a preventive seizure should be imposed.

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