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UNICEF: Albania has 47% of children in food poverty

UNICEF: Albania has 47% of children in food poverty

The UNICIF data on the food poverty of children in Albania are alarming.

The latest publication "Food poverty in early childhood" shows that Albania has 18% of children under 5 severely deprived of food and 29% of children are in moderate poverty (Total 47%).

UNICEF categorizes as severe nutritional deprivation children who eat two or fewer types of food per day, while moderate poverty those who eat less than 4 types of food.

UNICEF's global comparison shows that Albania has the highest percentage of children living in poverty in Europe and Central Asia, after Tajikistan.

In the global ranking, Albania is positioned very badly with child poverty, leaving behind countries that have gone through wars like Iraq and African countries like Kenya, Chad, Rwanda, etc.

UNICEF estimates that food poverty affects all children, but it is particularly harmful in early childhood, when insufficient nutrition can cause damage to both physical growth and mental development skills. The consequences can last a lifetime.

Children deprived of good nutrition under the age of 5 learn less in school and have lower productivity capacities in adulthood, plunging them and their families into a cycle of continued poverty.

UNICEF clarified that the infant and young child nutrition database was created from surveys conducted in 137 countries and territories and represent more than 90 percent of all children globally.

The best ranking among developing and poor countries was Belarus and Serbia, which had only 1 and 2% each of severely malnourished children.

Child food poverty is measured using the UNICEF and World Health Organization (WHO) diet. To meet minimum dietary diversity for healthy growth and development, children should consume five of the eight specified food groups.

Among children living in severe food poverty, four out of five children are fed only breast milk and/or milk products and/or a starchy staple such as rice, maize or wheat.

Less than 10% eat fruits and vegetables and less than 5% eat eggs, or meat, poultry and fish. Meanwhile, unhealthy foods and beverages are consumed by an alarming percentage of children living in severe food poverty.

UNICEF analysis identifies nutritional poverty among children as the main driver of serious diseases. The severe food poverty of children is caused by poor environments and bad feeding practices./ Monitor

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