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QSUT emergency out of order, Alimehmeti: Patients in chaos

QSUT emergency out of order, Alimehmeti: Patients in chaos

The emergency room in the new hospital at QSUT continues to be out of order when 2 months have passed since the fire that engulfed the battery room on the ground floor.

Under these conditions, the service is being offered by the two university hospitals, Shefqet Ndroqi and Trauma Hospital. Epidemiologist Ilir Alimehemti, in an interview for Euronews Albania, blames the Ministry of Health for everything that happened.

Paralleling the situation of the fire at QSUT with the fire at the Covid hospital in Tetovo where 14 people lost their lives, Alimehmeti is positive that the event has been closed without any loss of life.

For Alimehmet, the mistake made by the Ministry of Health is also putting out of service the old emergency room of QSUT, which could serve in this situation.

Contrary to what the law provides, Alimehmeti says that the Ministry of Health does not have a strategy B that could be put into operation in this situation, and also no member of the staff is trained to react in alarm situations.

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