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Dressed as the "Beauty of Durres", Yuri Kim inaugurates the restoration of the castle

The American Ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, was in Durrës today on the occasion of the restoration of a part of the surrounding wall of the Durrës Castle, damaged by the November 26 earthquake.

The restoration of the perimeter wall of the castle has been funded by the US government. Ambassador Kim appeared wearing a coat which clearly featured the image of the "Beauty of Durres", a famous mosaic found in the coastal city.

"When I came here in January and a lot of work was happening. The work is not over but still continues. Albania is an extraordinary country with a very rich history, and I have had the opportunity to visit its works of art. These monuments stand as witnesses to the extraordinary history of Albanian culture. Everyone who comes to Albania has had the opportunity to see and admire your heritage. We are proud as an embassy to be part of this reconstruction effort. Whether it is to build or rebuild we are pleased to be able to be in this process step by step. We are pleased to see the next step. "I thank the young people who are here because they are the sparkle and the sunshine," said Ambassador Yuri Kim.

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