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The murder of the 17-year-old Albanian, the perpetrators, one is the son of a police commander, the other a well-known lawyer

The murder of the 17-year-old Albanian, the perpetrators, one is the son of a

Other details have been revealed from the murder of the 17-year-old Albanian in Italy, Thomas Christopher Luciani.

According to the Italian media, two boys have been arrested for the murder of the 17-year-old minor, who was found dead in the Baden Powell park in the center of Pescara.

The two suspected killers stabbed the Albanian 25 times with a knife. The perpetrators are also minors, high school students, one of them the son of a police commander of a station in the province of Pescara, the other the son of a well-known lawyer in the city who are being questioned by the police.

Immediately after the events, according to what has come out so far, they went to swim in the sea, where they allegedly threw the knife.


The stabbing appears to have happened after an argument between the youths, but the reasons are not yet clear. It is initially suspected of a debt of several hundred euros that the two suspected murderers owed the victim for the purchase of drugs.

It is learned that it was one of the young people who was part of the group together with the two suspects who raised the alarm about the murder of 17-year-old Thomas Luciani, a few hours after the event, after realizing the seriousness of the event.

After finding the body of the victim behind a bush, the investigators seized the cameras of the area and also those in front of the neighborhood where the two suspected killers went to wash with the rest of the group after the crime.

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