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The murder in Durrës, the 50-year-old woman who was killed by the children is being defended

The murder in Durrës, the 50-year-old woman who was killed by the children

The Durrës police have taken the wife of the 50-year-old man who was killed in Durrës, Blerina Meta, under protection, to avoid any possible conflict between the brothers of the deceased Pëllumb Meta and their sister-in-law, Blerina was accompanied by the blues of Durres to the house of to her parents in Laç.

We remind you that the serious event was discovered yesterday. The shocking act of 3 children against their father dates back to February 10 of this year. It was the victim's eldest son, Hysen Meta, who had shot him 4 times with a firearm. A crime that, as he declared, he had planned with his 19-year-old sister Hygerta Meta, while his younger brother Amarildo Meta collaborated to bury the body in the backyard.

Their plan to hide their tracks was revealed after the 24-year-old filed a complaint with the police. After claims of a mysterious disappearance of the head of the family, the blues suspected that it was a serious crime.

Initially, Hygerta took over the execution of her father, saying that the 50-year-old wanted to marry her to an immigrant against her will. Later, the event took a different course.

3 children of relatively young ages joined together to take their father's life. In today's testimony before the investigators, Hysen Meta said that "his father had become impatient and that they had planned the murder in detail". He emphasized that his mother had nothing to do with the crime.

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