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He killed his mother-in-law, says Blerina Meta's mother: He saw me with anger, he didn't die when I shot him

He killed his mother-in-law, says Blerina Meta's mother: He saw me with

The mother of Blerina Mera, Sanije Tuga, who recently appeared in the media that she killed her mother-in-law several years ago, has confessed to the crime.

For the show "With a heart", Tuga said that the incident happened accidentally, asserting that the mother-in-law had seen him angrily.

She claims that the mother-in-law did not pass away that day, and even goes so far as to cast doubt that she may be alive.

"I am the first bride. I was separated. It was just me and my husband at home. I respected my mother-in-law, I told her; come home We used to fight a lot. She and my children, she had them as children. I do not know why. I told him; they are your son's children. He didn't love me. I never liked him for work, he had an expression as they say from the highlands. Mi has crossed her arms and legs. He didn't abuse me, but he cast a spell on me. I lived for many years. I was sick and had 1 pair at home. The man was in the room above, we slept well there. As I was sick, I slept in the kitchen that night. The mother-in-law was at her own house. She passed by and looked at me angrily. I did not shoot at my mother-in-law. She shot while walking. It was not Baftjar. Either above, or at the store. He didn't die that day. I only saw a little blood in the napa. She went to the health center, and that was it. They took her to the grave during the day, but she may still be alive today. I spent 7 years in prison. After I left, I came to the apartment. We are married to the deceased" , said the mother-in-law of the deceased Pëllumb Meta.

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